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LAB Coastal – ecological consultancy

We are a small ecological consultancy, established in Cambridgeshire in 1997, with a proven track record. We offer a flexible approach to survey, monitoring and management, tailor-made for clients. We also initiate, conduct and publish high-quality research into ecological processes, particularly within the coastal zone. L A B Coastal works on salt marshes, sand dunes and freshwater wetlands with special reference to nutrient dynamics, habitat creation and biodiversity.

EMD testing banks of Reach Lode,  near Ely

EMD testing banks of Reach Lode, near Ely

We work with colleagues across Europe and are members of a UNESCO Working Group on Ecohydrology. The understanding of relationships between hydrological and biological processes at the catchment scale can enhance and protect water quality, safeguard and increase biodiversity and ensure sustainable management of water resources.

Salt marshes, Loch beag, Skye

Salt marshes, Loch Beag, Skye

L A B Coastal is also involved in the study of the use of vegetation and vegetation management in the control of erosion. For example stability of the soil surface in a salt marsh depends on the integrity of the vegetation cover, which protects the marsh surface from the ebb and flow of the tide. In many inland situations, such as river banks, vegetation cover can play an important role in maintaining soil stability.

  • Research on coastal ecosystems
  • Surveys of flora and fauna
  • Soil survey and land evaluation
  • Habitat creation and management
  • Testing erosion resistance of grass covered swards
  • Climate change and coastal zone management

To harness ecological research to integrated land management especially in the coastal zone.

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