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Impacts of additional aerial inputs of nitrogen to salt marsh

In 2012 LAB Coastal carried out a desk-based investigation on the impacts of ...

A Portable Erosion Measuring Device (EMD)

When a river overtops its artificial flood banks, water running down the land...

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The expertise offered by L A B Coastal is based on the co-operation between Laurie Boorman and John Hazelden who have been working together as associates and with other colleagues for more than two decades.  They are expertly supported in the field of publications, editorial services, publicity and communications by Mary Boorman.  

Laurie Boorman

Laurie Boorman


Laurie has worked for many years on the ecology and management of salt marshes and sand dunes, particularly on the dynamic interactions between these terrestrial habitats and the adjacent marine habitats.   These interactions are crucial for the maintenance of plant and animal biodiversity of both habitats.   Vegetation has also a very important function in stabilising the surface of both salt marshes and sand dunes. As well as studying this Laurie has also highlighted the role of grass covered surfaces in erosion control and in maintaining the stability the banks of earth dam surfaces and inland waterways.   In recent studies he has concentrated on assessing the effects of aerial deposition of nitrogen on salt marshes and adjacent habitats and the implication for salt marsh management and conservation.   Habitat restoration and creation have been continuing important themes in both inland and coastal habitats.

John Hazelden

John Hazelden


John is a soil scientist/ soil surveyor with many years’ experience mapping, characterising and evaluating soils.  Prior to becoming a self-employed consultant with LAB Coastal in 1999, he worked for the Soil Survey and Land Research Centre at Cranfield University (formerly the Soil Survey of England and Wales). 

John has worked extensively on alluvial and salt marsh soils, including modelling nitrogen fluxes in the latter.  In addition, he has wide experience of soil assessment for land management, Agricultural Land Classification, major infrastructure schemes, precision farming and soil erosion.  He has also been involved in teaching soil survey techniques. 

Mary Boorman

Mary Boorman

MARY BOORMAN BA (Dunelm) MA (Cantab)

Mary is a geographer with wide experience in the field sciences.  She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.  She works as a freelance translator from Dutch and Flemish into English.  As part of the L A B Coastal team she has played a major role in editing and proof reading as well as co-authoring several scientific papers. 

Our clients: 

L A B Coastal has worked for a wide range of clients both in the public and private sector.    The list includes:-

Commission of the European Communities

L A B Coastal has been a major partner in two projects part-funded by DG XII (EUROSAM & ISLED). These multi-national projects involved detailed studies of the role of salt marshes in mediating exchanges of nutrients, sediments, pollutants and organic matter between land and sea and establishimg likely trends and changes that might result from climate change and sea level rise. 

Countryside Council for Wales

The project was a desk study to assess the impacts of aerial/atmospheric nitrogen, including ammonia, on saltmarshes and other transitional habitats.

Corus Group plc

L A B Coastal formulated detailed plans to  restore a large area of waste tipping to sand dune vegetation to maximise the opportunities for the ecological enhancement of the site.

Environment Agency

L A B Coastal was extensively involved in the establishment and conduct of a major study of different vegetation management techniques on grass covered flood embankments. L A B Coastal also developed special equipment to determine the resistance of flood banks to flood water overflows. The development of this equipment made a key contribution to the project 

Joint Nature Conservation Committee

L A B Coastal was commissioned to compile a scientific review of salt marsh biotypes  The study was also designed to provide key information for a wide range of individuals and specialists involved in the management and conservation of salt marshes and associated habitats. 

Ministry of Defence (Defence Estates)

LAB Coastal was an “Independent Assessor” for the experimental sand dune grazing management trials at Braunton Burrows.

Mackley Construction plc

L A B Coastal provided plans for the restoration of the salt marsh vegetation over the area affected by the works for the Regional Estuarial Outfall improvements at Bosham, West Sussex.